Welcome to Beheading Bridezilla!

I have been in the bridal business for about 10 years now. I love everything about weddings. I love the bridal fashion, the flowers, the invitations…everything. For as long as I can remember I have been obsessed with weddings and all that they entail. As a little girl, I loved looking through the phonebook-sized bridal magazines on the drug store shelves. When the bridal shop down the street was going out of business I BEGGED my mom to buy me a mannequin and some of the fabric they had on clearance. She was nice enough to indulge me, and I spent hours in my room draping this mannequin with swaths of fabric. I never knew that I would find my way into the business, but was so happy when I did. I thought my days would be filled with ecstatic, blushing brides who couldn’t wait to marry the people of their dreams. In fact, I said as much to the person who first interviewed me. “This must just be the happiest place to work!” I told her. She smirked, looked at me with a funny glint in her eyes and said “It is like that…sometimes.”.

It didn’t take long for me to see what she meant. There are times that are extremely rewarding. I have worked with brides who I still remember with fondness. I have cried with them, with their mothers and sisters. I have been honored when they sent me pictures of their bundles of joy years later. Unfortunately, there are brides that I remember for other reasons; brides whose very names can make me shudder still when they pop into my head. I’m not talking about the average “I’m-having-a-bad-day” showdown with a bride. I’m talking about women who are mean-spirited and ugly inside. These are the brides who make me wonder “Just who the hell is marrying YOU?”.

The purpose of this blog is to blow off a little steam. It’s a safe place for me to vent so that I don’t blow my lid when faced with a difficult situation at work. Hopefully this will also be a place for you to decompress in the midst of your busy day. I hope to impart a little of my wisdom in order to save today’s brides from becoming the dreaded Bridezilla. I’d like to use my experience to show you that the world will not end if your table linens do not match your dress exactly (trust me, it really won’t). If I can help even one bride see the folly in the pressure the wedding industry puts on her, then I’m happy. Also, your friends and family will love me because they really hate dealing with you like this. It’s true. A lot of times they won’t admit it because they’re too nice (or they’re afraid of you), but it’s a stone-cold fact. You don’t want to be ridiculous. You don’t want your friends talking about you behind your back because you insist they buy Louboutins to match their bridesmaids dresses. No one wants that. So take a few minutes, read along and laugh a little. If you see yourself in any of this, put the Jordan almonds down and SLOWLY back away from the craft table.

This is a place for me to tell the truth. Sometimes it’s an ugly truth. I will change the names and situations slightly so as not to embarrass anyone. That would be no fun. The basics, however, will all be true. Enjoy!


One Response to Welcome to Beheading Bridezilla!

  1. Curly Miri says:

    Great blog! I look forward to following your posts 🙂

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