Proposing on a Holiday = Lame.

Usually I address the ladies, but this one’s for the guys proposing to their ladies or gentlemen. It will also apply to the small percentage of ladies who propose to their boyfriends and the growing number of women proposing to their same sex partners. Basically this one is for whoever is proposing to my much beloved Bridezillas (or Brozillas as the case my be!). Proposals are beautiful no matter when they come along, but proposing on a holiday is like mailing it in. It’s expected, and it’s a little lame.

Your significant other is probably expecting it. What do you think she’s going to think when she sees the telltale small box under the tree? When you take her out for Valentine’s Day to a restaurant you would never take her to and can scarcely afford? She’s going to smell it from a mile away…especially since most of you act weird as hell when the deed is close to being done. I have girlfriends who incorrectly supposed their SO’s were getting ready to break up with them because of the awkwardness involved.

Proposing on a holiday is just trite. It’s been done again and again. Don’t you want to be a little more creative? If you just have to pop the question on a holiday, how about an unusual one? Tie the ring to a tree on Arbor Day. Propose during spectacular fireworks on the 4th of July or wrap the ring up in red, white and blue on Flag Day. Another option is to choose a date that’s special to the two of you alone. An anniversary, while a holiday of sorts, works as it’s particular to your relationship. Try doing it the day after Christmas to throw her off. Better yet, do it the day before Valentine’s Day. You can still celebrate the following day as planned, but now she can gesture for the menu with her newly-sparkly left hand.

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